So Can You!
*Confidentiality is really important so we don't reveal the identity of our clients (we use stock photos and first names only). 
These reviews are all 100% genuine however, and we hope they give you a flavour of the kind of letters & emails we receive. 

Light years ahead of the traditional marriage counselor!

"When I first found your website what captivated me after watching your first video was your approach and search for answers.
Your first video struck a chord with me after you explained unconditional love. After your 10 mini series it all began to make sense. My parents never, even to this day say the words “I love you”

And thinking about it more in depth, they never told me that as a kid. Even if I say “I love you” I’ll get a “me too” reply or “ditto” I never realized that until now how much something like unconditional love meant or the importance of it. And honestly I didn’t really know what it was myself.

I’ve been to many counseling sessions over the years and after watching your videos you are light years ahead of the traditional marriage counselor."

Richard P. (Management Consultant)

Debra (Didn't want to be anonymous)

Our marriage/relationship is 1000% better then we could have ever imagined!

[My wife] and I feel so blessed to have found this program.
I starting thinking about timelines after we talked yesterday.

Our world exploded August of 2022. Once the smoked cleared a bit, we both knew we did not want to loose each other. We knew that for many years we just weren't happy, but just didn't know what to do. Afterwards we did find some information online that did help us move forward at times. Mainly it pertained to being honest about the infidelity's...which we were.
We would move forward for a couple of weeks at a time and then kept going backwards.

The problem was we could never get to the root of the problem. We were truthful about what we did, but there was no thought put into the why's. I knew we could never get past this unless we knew "why"

I was constantly googling topics online. To this day, I can't remember what I put in the search bar, but I remember seeing this program and watching the video that was available. As soon as I watch the video I got that feeling, the feeling this could be it.
I got home and couldn't wait to let [my wife] see the video. Of course there's always a bit of skepticism from things online. We watched the video 3 or 4 times, and we both decided that it was worth setting up the call with you.

That call and the start of this amazing journey was at 7:00AM CST on April 1, 2023

It is truly amazing/unbelievable/incredible where we are today. This Sunday will mark 6 months in this program. WLGTDWI gave us the tools to unlock our past, in order to see our future.
If someone would have told me that uncovering our infidelities was going to be the best thing that ever happened to us, I'm sure I would have thrown a couple expletives their way and called them nuts. Little did I know how true that would turn out to be.

Learning about Unconditional Love and how to get there changed our lives forever. We will always be so grateful to you and Nikki.

Oh, and we can't forget about Beth. Listening to Beth share her journey on the Listening Lounge and her multiple FB post have been so helpful to us. You guys are such a wonderful team.

Thanks to this amazing program we have put our past behind us. Its kind of weird at times. We find that we are so focused on keeping the ball moving uphill through our personal growth, that the infidelities are maybe a passing thought once in a blue moon, but seem so far removed from our lives.

We have definitely chosen happiness and work on it every single day. Our marriage/relationship is 1000% better then we could have ever imagined!

There are no more secrets, lies or trust issues…just constant work on loving unconditionally and being lovable!

This program also made me realized that my definition of a best friend was so far off.

Because now I can honestly say, I know what a best friend is and I am married to her. That person I can share every detail of my life with and never feel judged.

Thank you so much and please let Nikki know that I look forward to her post everyday!

Mark G. (Engineering Manager)

This program has saved our family and taught us so much about ourselves!

"This month will be 2 years since D day.
My husband is a wonderful human being and I love him with all I am. And I know he loves me as well.

This program has saved our family and taught us so much about ourselves."

Pat C. (Pastor's wife)

Changed our lives forever! 

"Our D day was a couple years ago. The morning we were going to sign divorce papers we decided to give the program a go. Changed our lives forever! 
We’re leaving tomorrow for a month long vacation, we are best friends again and cannot wait to spend time together without any distractions. God bless you all!"

Lisa KB (Military Wife)

We cannot change our past but we can influence our future and with all that you have taught us we are doing so every single day!

"I have just been reflecting and thinking about life over the last year as it’s roughly a year since [my husband] and I had our very first call with you.

Wow, what a year! Did I really believe back then that we would come through the hurt, pain and blame to continue a life together? probably not; but I did believe that I wanted to try everything I could to save our marriage. Back then [my husband] just wanted to understand why he made the choices he did and I just wanted to have faith that he wouldn’t make those choices again.

We are so thankful to have found you, Nikki and the program. We worked hard on the modules separately and together and here we are one year later continually building our life together with clarity about who we are and how we operate and how we can truly give our love for a stronger partnership. We cannot change our past but we can influence our future and with all that you have taught us we are doing so every single day, so thank you.

We dip in and out of the live group coaching calls now and it’s bitter sweet to hear some of the new attendees. I am sad for them that they have found themselves in need of the help, but thrilled that they have found the help that will really make a difference.
Eternally grateful!"

Jackie H. (Paediatrician)


I actually feel oddly happy that he cheated because of what we have now!

“I am so proud of how far we have come!!!

I also know that our work is ongoing, but I remember how almost a year ago he betrayed me yet I actually feel oddly happy that he did because we found unconditional love and now I feel our marriage is stronger than ever. It’s an odd feeling and I’m doing the program alone but man…has it made the world of difference!”

Linda C. (Teacher)

I’m proud of us for not giving up, and I am so thankful we found this program.

We’re very close to our one-year anniversary of D-day. Things are so much better, which I thought was impossible a year ago. We’ve renewed our vows, and we have tried (not always successfully) to prioritize our marriage and each other while we try to navigate parenting two busy teenagers and life in general. We’ve made significant changes to how we live together, talk to each other, and treat each other.

I’m proud of us for not giving up, and I am so thankful we found this program.

Thank you, Pete and Nikki. The program is life-changing and life-saving. ❤️

Carry & Dan S. (University Lecturers)

Everything fell into place

I was expecting my wife to want to work this programme like I did. Her not doing as much as I did was beginning to piss me off! So I stopped asking her. I discovered what I needed to fix about me. Then everything fell into place. 

It’s been a wonderful surprise!

Joe M (Project Management)


After D Day I initially went to individual counseling and basically, like the books, the messages were to leave. 

Pete, it’s been I think over a year now since I first connected with you. Where we left it basically I had been emailing you and you always emailed me back and gave me great advice. You listened and you cared. It came to a point that I needed to stop mulling and just apply what I was learning. So I did. And (my husband) did.

It’s been a year of building on goodness. Not always a perfect line obviously, sometimes we fell back. But we are a better couple than we ever had been in our entire relationship. And I have to make sure you know yours and Nikki’s work enabled this.

After D Day I initially went to individual counseling and basically, like the books, the messages were to leave. As you know this wasn’t the option I felt I could live with. You and Nikki really were the only ones offering a different option, through a healthy path.

So I wanted to thank you. I hope you keep up the good work you do.

Kim D (Business Owner)

The information is invaluable whether you stay together or not!

"This program is my absolute last ditch effort, and so far I have been very pleased, delighted, even though I am only one week in. The program does cost money, but it is cheaper than a divorce, and the information is invaluable whether you stay together or not. I would urge anyone to book a clarity call with Pete - it's free. Then start finding a way to get the money together. Ask trusted family and friends that want to help save your marriage, talk with your church for monetary help, start selling things on Facebook swap and putting that money in the fund. Where there's a will, there's a way. ❤️

Stacy N.  (Business Owner)

Out of all the theories, models, and studies I’ve completed, the package you have put together is absolutely incredible! 

“I completed a doctorate and I’m a chartered psychologist, but I’ve felt so ashamed about what I do, I feel like a fraud at work as I’ve been so unable to sort myself out. Out of all the theories, models, and studies I’ve completed, the package you have put together is absolutely incredible. The way I’ve been trained to work with clients does not compare at all to the powerful package you have put together - thank you. I’m growing through this now!”

Justine T. (Pschologist)

You will emerge out the other side braver, wiser and stronger

“This course is like a journey, from the moment when the spectre of infidelity has become so all consuming that you simply have to do something about it, through learning what has been missing in your spouse’s life , and then through what has been missing in your life and ultimately becoming compassionate towards your partner. You move on to being truly honest with each other about your flaws and selfishness and, ultimately, on to restoring that final and most vital building block, trust. 

Along the way, there will be doubt, pain and despair but also hope, too. You will discover more about your partner, and yourself, than you ever thought possible. Whatever happens, you will emerge out the other side braver, wiser and stronger. We did all this and have never looked back. 

I say go for it and embrace everything it has to offer.”

Finn T. (Construction - Business Owner)


I could go and shake his affair partner by the hand now

"I could go and shake his affair partner by the hand now. The infidelity has led to us learning how to have a beautifully REAL marriage and I have her to thank for being the catalyst to us finding Pete & Nikki’s amazing programme”

Anna P. (Dietician)

It's not about me!

“The most liberating experience of this unconditional love journey has been believing wholeheartedly “it’s not about me”. I spent the better part of 21 years trying to understand what was wrong with me for my husband to cheat. Every time I found out he cheated my self worth diminished more. This program has helped me to believe the good about myself, recognize how emotionally empty my husband really is, and to unconditionally love him through it. But I also have the confidence to know that if he chooses to break a standard we have set, I am strong enough to follow through on my decision to end the relationship.

Nikki if we weren’t separated by an ocean and a pandemic I would want to hug both you and Pete! You both changed our lives.”

Alice D. (Family Therapist)

Every aspect of our relationship is stronger, deeper and more connected

"Hi Pete,
I have been meaning to email you for a while. I wanted to thank you for the advice and help you gave to us. It has changed our relationship immeasurably and for that I am truly grateful.
We have been loving lockdown. It has given us a chance to really practice and work on many aspects of Unconditional love and while we don't have any outside challenges and influences it has enabled us to focus on one another. It really has been so lovely to have this time to heal. Every aspect of our relationship is stronger, deeper and more connected now. We are grateful everyday for your teachings and guidance."

Joseph L. (Senior police Officer)


Thank you so much for this amazing gift!!

“Hi Pete,First off...thank you, thank you for putting this course out there! Finding this cou rse has truly changed our lives!

[My wife] and I finished week 7 on May 19th. We have since gone back and started listening to modules that have enlightened us, in both our individual healing and growth, as well as our relationship.
What's actually quite nice, is since I have a long commute each morning, we collectively decide on which module I will listen to on my way to work, and then she will watch the same one at home. I will take a break at work while [my wife] is driving to work and we will talk about the module. It always amazes me how much information we both keep pulling out of each one. We are truly enjoying working on ourselves, and then realizing how those changes from within effect our relationship in such a positive way.

This course has definitely led both of us to complete honesty with ourselves, and each other. The difficult times and painful conversations during this learning process wasn't always easy, but so worth it. It has led us to be able to give the gift of true forgiveness to each other...which has been the best gift I have ever given or received.

We now understand that we need to always keep working on ourselves and our relationship...we will forever be a joyful "work in progress"

Learning and understanding how to truly give love "unconditionally" has given me a whole new outlook on life! Thank you so much for this amazing gift!!


Mike F. (Professional Musician)

Your program fills my heart with hope and my mind with better thoughts. 

“Hello Pete and Nikki,

I hope this message finds you well. The first week has been fantastic. I have been very surprised to learn that my insecurities and self image issues have been a vast root structure feeding the raw emotions and fear that I have felt. I did not realize that I had and have to work on my emotional well-being before I will ever be able to show [my wife] the unconditional love that she needs and deserves.

I have completed the modules thus far. Love that you limit them to one per day, otherwise I would rush through them. A person really needs the time to let the message sink in. I’m really enjoying the recorded group chats. Your program fills my heart with hope and my mind with better thoughts. It’s hard to believe that it has only been one week. The emotional place I’m in now feels so far away from dark and fearful place I thought I was stuck in just one week ago. I thank both you and Nikki for what you are doing. I am excited to see what comes next. Thank you!”

John C. (Business Owner)

I would proclaim the wonders of this program from a mountaintop!!

“I would proclaim the wonders of this program from a mountaintop!! Not just for what it has done for our relationship but for what it has done for me personally and the peace it has brought to my heart.”

Tiffani F. (Professional Actress)


When you learn about 'unconditional love' then the lightbulb comes on!

“The 'what's love got to do with it' course has been nothing short of a game changer in my life. It has helped me in all aspects of my life not just my marriage and really a path to understanding oneself and how we relate to everyone and reconcile our past and present.

Before this course I did not believe or understand the concept of love. Now I understand that a lot of what I had learned about love all my life was wrong....and when you learn about 'unconditional love' then the lightbulb comes on. 

The best course I have ever done!"

Tony S. (Lawyer)

This really has been an eye opening journey!

"This really has been an eye opening journey that we are going on both separately and together. I feel as if everyday I'm learning something new about myself!! To the new folks who are just beginning this journey I encourage you to stick with it, turn to each other not on each other. It's raw, it's painful, it's emotional but in the end as time goes on it's so worth it!! There's nothing more amazing than reconnecting with your partner."

Tina P. (Senior Medical Scientific Officer, Healthcare Industry)

I am grateful every day for this program!

"I am grateful every day for this program that has helped me be a better person and my marriage a truly loving one." 💕

Belinda S. (Teacher)


The best thing my husband could have done was have his affair….otherwise I would never have found this programme.

"I came across this programme post 7 months of my husbands affair coming to light.
Prior to joining this programme we had tried several marriage counsellors in the hope they will be able to help us save our marriage and most importantly help me understand why he did what he did. Unfortunately they were all a waste of time and money, it was like talking to someone at the other end of the phone where I could offload and that was it, we got nothing back in return!!!
By this time I was beginning to believe my marriage was truly over and the last 20 years was all a sham.

Something inside me was telling me otherwise, as much as I hated my husband at this point for hurting me my heart was not ready to give up.I went back to Google and there it was, my miracle, I found this programme!!!

Joining this programme has been the best thing that could have happened to our relationship, it started as overcoming infidelity but now the whole focus is on healing my inner self and bettering myself.

The help and support that you get off Pete and Nikki is phenomenal. Their dedication to helping people save their marriage is above and beyond any other therapy/programme out there.

The Facebook group is a real valuable asset where all the spouses (betrayed/betrayers) can post issues, share their stories, count on for support without being judged.

The one to ones that Pete offers are so valuable, you learn so much in just one call. Same for the weekly live group coaching calls, there is something in there for everyone.

We have been on this programme now for 17 months and I can happily say the best thing my husband could have done was have his affair….otherwise I would never have found this programme.

My relationship with my husband is beyond imaginable, life is beautiful and all this has been achieved from doing this programme, learning about myself and most importantly understanding my husband 😊

Reena V. (Counsellor)

I believe it is essential for our very human existence in this world!

"Pete and Nikki, I know you do not desire praise or accolades for the work you do, but please know that this program is changing lives and I believe it is essential for our very human existence in this world, if we are to love unconditionally. So I say, thank you."

David A. (Consultant Psychiatrist, Healthcare Industry)

He felt accepted and loved unconditionally when it really mattered!

“With great sadness in my heart... The journey [my husband] and I shared for 17 years came to an end. He passed away last week.
He did his best to battle pancreatic cancer for almost four years.
He was a very strong man with an amazing energy.
He did his best till the end.
My heart is heavy and I miss him so much.

I am so thankful for this program because without it I wouldn't of known the real man after he cheated.

I can't say I was the most understanding person at times when my own bottle needed to be filled, yet I was able to say to him "I'm here, it's not you and no matter what I love you"

[My husband] has told me that I was the only person through his life that actually looked inside of him and seen the person he truly was.

Thank you Pete and Nikki for putting this program together because [my husband] felt accepted and loved unconditionally when it really mattered."

Lisa S.

This is an amazing program and equally amazing group of people!

"I was just thinking that I can say I'm grateful for the infidelity that has brought me to where I am today. Through this program it led me to the inner healing that was long overdue. I'm still a work in progress but the inner healing and inner peace I have now was worth the pain. I finally feel like I'm showing up in the world as my true authentic self and it feels amazing. This is an amazing program and equally amazing group of people no matter what stage of the journey we are on."

Diane S.

Bill (Didn't want to be anonymous)

Great encouragement, always!

"The effectiveness of this program is difficult to comprehend or express sometimes. I did not expect it to be so complete, and rounded. It is certainly not a "do once and put down" issue.

I find that, when a black mood hits - Going onto the program and doing the next day's work releases the pressure, changes thinking.

- The Facebook page always has something, somewhere to change your thoughts. By someone who knows what you feel, as they are / were there.

- The two weekly group get togethers guide you into paths or approaches that you would not otherwise consider.

- Looking at the posted group chats, you will nearly always find your problem has been discussed and dissected somewhere, some time. A new light / slant is cast on it.

I said somewhere that this program is worth it's weight in gold. I think it should upgrade to platinum.

Pete and Nikki's advice and comments are priceless, and the input from people going through it with you, who UNDERSTAND your feelings, just serves to reinforce what they say.

Great encouragement, always. "

Phil C. (CEO, Architect)

A total deconstruction of wrong thinking and reconstruction of a healthy emotional system!

"Pete, I've discovered this week that the more I concentrated on wishing [my husband] was in as much pain as I am, or reliving his affairs and digging for details, I was only punishing myself and keeping myself in unnecessary emotional pain and turmoil. It was like emotional "cutting ". 

When I acknowledged that my pain was coming from my own feelings of worthlessness or not feeling I was good enough, I began to fill up my own emotional battery which is only my responsibility to do. I reminded myself daily and with the triggers that what he did was because of his own childhood emotional trauma and emotional emptiness. Being on the LGCC today helped me refocus again. I feel like this program is a total deconstruction of wrong thinking and reconstruction of a healthy emotional system. I could never do this without your teachings, encouragement and supportive environment. I feel as though we are in emotional kindergarten school. 

Thanks for all you and Nikki do. Not enough words to express my gratitude."

Dana A. (Singer)

If you are struggling right now, just know you are not alone.

"If you are struggling right now, just know you are not alone , I struggled too with the betrayal trauma and intense rages. This program has been our freedom from that pain.

I think Pete and Nikki should offer this to newly married couples as a proactive approach to crisis and affair prevention!!

I’ve also told Pete that he and Nikki should offer their gifted program to parents in partnership with Pediatricians to help parents raise their children with unconditional love , especially during those most formative 0-7 years . What a wonderful world this would be huh??❤️

Stay strong, and teachable.. trust that Pete and Nikki are the best Sherpa’s out of this affair hell."

Debra .A. (Senior Nursing Officer)

I can say I am so glad I stumbled across the programme. 

"We have been in the programme for approximately 3.5 months. I found out about the affair or affairs 9 months prior and still wouldn't know if an STD hadn't played a role in this. I can say I am so glad I stumbled across the programme. My husband has been so engaged and we did the whole programme together and the worksheets. He would even ask me if I wanted to listen to another one or if we had anymore worksheets. 

There truly have been big changes for the both of us and still have a ways to go. So thankful for the Live host calls and all the previous recordings."

Barbara L.

We are HAPPY! I mean really, really happy!

"Honestly this is an email I never thought I’d write - ever.
We are HAPPY! I mean really, really happy. I really did think I was destined to live a sort of ‘limp’ happiness, one were an infidelity cloud just hung over me for the rest of my life. But we've become the couple we were always meant to be. We are closer than we’ve been in 5 years - at least! We can talk openly with each other about anything now. That includes the infidelity, which I’m sure that if it didn’t happen, we would be headed straight for separation. Funny, eh? That something so utterly destroying can end up cementing our marriage.

And it was all down to this programme... it really only does take one person to take part and totally embrace it for it to work. For that, I’ll be forever grateful!"

Lorraine B. (Investment Banker, Retired)

Peace In My Heart!

"I have found a peace in my heart that I never had before this program"

Becca L. (Actress)

If more people in the world would and could learn about unconditional love, what a place we would live in.

I was in pieces the day I got a phone call from a woman telling me she was in a relationship with my husband. I was so angry at him, I was lost, afraid, and scared as we had been married for 16 years and together for 20. I filed for divorce, I was done.

We ended up not divorcing and really faking our way through all the affair stuff. Then the pandemic hit and I was tired of faking my way through life. I searched "how to get over an affair" and Pete and Nikki's course came up. I watched the video and booked a call. I think what got my attention was the simple fact that Pete and Nikki had been through it so who to learn better from.

I accredit this course with the saving of myself, my husband and most importantly my marriage. The program took us to places we had never been, it took us on an unexpected journey, a journey of emotional digging. Digging deep down and uncovering things about ourselves that otherwise would never have come into play.

Today I can say that this journey will take you to very high high and sometimes some lows, expecially when you find the courage to admit your own fault in everything. I always thought " how could he do this to me, how can he be so hurtful?". Well well well, was I surprised that he didn't do anything TO ME. He couldn't have. I am the only one who controls my happiness, I am the only one that can hurt my heart. Me and only me. I was so wrapped up in victimhood and selfishness I couldn't see the wrong in my ways. I was determined it was all his doing. And then I took a bite from the humility apple and things changed.

This course is absolutely amazing. It is life changing. If more people in the world would and could learn about unconditional love, man, what a place we would live in. This is a life long journey and I wouldn't trade it for the world."

Becky L.

No idea where we would be without it right now!

"Good morning Pete! We hope you are doing well! We are enjoying the program SO MUCH and getting so much out of it, I have no idea where we would be without it right now!"

Sally & Paul .D

Just a note to other betrayed spouses....

"I have been through the most miserable experience of my life. I'm sure you have too.

Keep moving forward, exhaust every avenue of this program.
Work to heal regardless of whether you are staying in the relationship or not.

Work as hard as you are hurting. It gets better.

If your partner was fighting a medical condition you would get them the best care. They are hurt emotionally, it wasn't about you. I promise

It gets better, work hard, be consistent, be diligent.

This is a GREAT program, you get out of it what you put into it.
The best is yet to come.

Keep your head up”.

Nicci R.

This program has saved our marriage.

"This program has saved our marriage and brought a closeness to our family that I always dreamed of. You and Nikki are doing God's work with helping so many people.

Thank you and God bless!"

Delia S. 

Fills my chest with that “funny electricity” that you described!

"I’m so grateful that we found your program, it's teaching us so much about ourselves as individuals and as a couple. Fills my chest with that “funny electricity” that you described in one of your episodes when I think of us working together to have a better life ❤️

Thank you again to you and Nikki all your time and work to create all this!

Philippa M.

This “new” us is the happiest place I’ve ever been!

"Sometimes I stare at him with a feeling of unconditional love deeper than I’ve ever felt before. It is not because of the betrayal that happened, it is because we have learned to pour our hearts out to each other every day. 

We never understood before doing this programme that we must work on our marriage every single day and it’s worth it. Our marriage, our friendship, our commitment to each other has risen to a higher level beyond our imaginations. 

I would never want to relive the betrayal but this “new” us is the happiest place I’ve ever been!”


This is a program for life. What I have learned here has benefited me as a person, my marriage, my relationships with my children, and the way I see the world.

"My husband and I joined this program 2 years ago this month, after he revealed to me that he'd been having an affair.

I watched the video and it made such sense to me. It was so easy to see how we often feel unloved, alone and misunderstood. I sent the link to my husband, as we were living apart at the time, and he responded that we should do it if I wanted to. I responded to the link and we set up an interview with Pete. Just that brief initial meeting opened up many emotions that clinched our decision to join.

I can honestly say that our relationship has completely healed from the infidelity, however, this program is so much more than a program for infidelity.

This program helped me look into myself and to develop an awareness of my own behavior in our relationship and how I go through life. It has given me the tools I need to be a better, more loving person, patience and how to truly listen with my heart.
This is a program for life. What I have learned here has benefited me as a person, my marriage, my relationships with my children, and the way I see the world."


I'll be forever thankful!

"I can't thank you and Nikki enough for what you've done for us! I woke up at peace this morning caressing my husbands arm and "at peace" is an amazing way to start the day, so I had to share!! 

The knowledge that you've shared from your experience has truly helped save my marriage and I'll be forever thankful. I also hope that in a world lacking unconditional love this e-mail finds you & your family doing well, safe and happy."

Temi P.

I count my blessings every single day

"Happy Sunday 😊How are you? Hope you and Nikki are well.

Pete I'm so happy 😊 I count my blessings every single day, all thanks to you guys for teaching us about Unconditional Love. Things are really good between me and [my husband] and in fact that trip away I feel has done us so much good. We have made some major progress, communication between us has never been as good as it is, it’s like we are always talking lol."

Raiyla V.

We all get through this journey as long as we’re open to new ideas, thoughts and perceptions!

"The issues we all seem to have in common is we, at some point in time, became emotionally empty and didn’t realize it. Thanks to Pete and Nikki and the program they’ve worked so hard putting together and their support, none of us would be any better trying to figure any of this out on our own. 

So thank you so much to you two and all that are on our amazing forum. We all get through this journey as long as we’re open to new ideas, thoughts and perceptions."

Felicity P.

This course has really helped us to become closer and closer!

"Hi Pete,
We are half way through week 6 and I have to say that this course has really helped us to become closer and closer.

We had a lot of fun with the listening exercise yesterday.

[My husband] regularly says how is is enjoying the whole programme. We have both got folders with the worksheets which we revisit. We start every morning with a reflection and we now intend to have a relationship meeting every evening.

We both love your videos. We especially love your personal anecdotes as it makes it more realistic. Your delivery is great!

Thank you so much for everything."

Melissa M. 

Pete is soo right!! Just trust him, this course, this support group and the process!

"Pete, Thank you for this course, you're spot on!

We are so grateful for this course to have arrived at this critical understanding AND for the week 4 exercises that gave us the insight and root causes necessary to create an action plan for our v2.0 marriage that we are actually excited about.

We look forward to the continued learning and growth we hope to gain ( and work hard at together) from the remainder of this course.
I share this in hopes anyone struggling with immense hurt and raging anger and resentment like I was will have hope and faith that through this course healing and triumph from an affair tragedy IS actually possible! and for us as crazy as it sounds, we are grateful more than regretful for this affair event because it changed the diverging trajectory of our relationship and we are now hopeful that our marriage over the next 40 years will become the best years of our lives. 

( Pete is soo right!! Just trust him, this course, this support group and the process!) 👍👊💪🏻❤️"

Lucy G.

The program has become the number one reason why I have been able to forgive myself for what happened to us.

"A couple of years ago my wife and I came across this program. I was the betrayer and I have to be honest, I didn’t think there would be anything that we could do to repair the damage that had been done.
In the beginning I felt that I was repeatedly getting beat up for the same mistakes. I wondered how I could ever get over these feelings, I was the fish out of water and I was sure I would not survive.

Two years later, the program has become the number one reason why I have been able to forgive myself for what happened to us.

It is so much more than just someone being right, and someone being wrong. No one is perfect and Pete and Nikki have done a helluva job helping me learn about self compassion, which in turn, makes me a better partner for my wife, and most importantly, a better person to myself! Everyone wins!"

Gerry W.

I would never have predicted there was such a change to be made!

"Hi Pete, I was just reflecting on how far [my wife] and myself have come. I would never have predicted there was such a change to be made or even if two strong individuals could change but we have both changed 180 degrees.

We have found this journey so powerful, it not only has rebuilt the foundation of our relationship but has spilled over to our families, business and faith. For me personally the turning point has been the truth and making [my wife] number 1 priority in my life, for a person that has always put myself first in life putting [my wife] number one has changed the way I see the world and treat the people around me.

We both as individuals and as a couple have learned to deal with fear and communicate with each other, it has made momentous changes in our lives and we have learned to embrace love. We are both filling each other’s bottle and the effects are spilling over into the people around us, we are better individuals and truly a bonded couple.
We both wanted to thank you so much for your guidance keep up the good work!"

Craig B.

What you teach couples is absolutely astounding!

"Your insight explains SO much! I can’t even begin to express it.
I have so much compassion for [my husband] right now. I must have cut him off at the knees so many times during our marriage, and didn’t even know it.😬. I will do a 180° and change that immediately.
What you teach couples is absolutely astounding! Revelational, Inspiring, and Vital.

Thank you, Pete! Thank you to you and Nikki both. You guys are truly Amazing.!"

Donna S. 

Our relationship is far better, and closer, than it was for some years before the affair. 

"A few months ago I discovered that my wife was involved in an affair with a mutual friend which had been running for some 2 months. To say I was shattered is an under statement - I have never felt so hurt, desolate and isolated in my life!

Having talked it over with her, she decided that we would work to restore our marriage.

I spent days researching steps to take to start the recovery. But, while there were many overlapping agreements - like an immediate, 100% severing of contact with the AP - some conflicted on what to do. Confusing.

Then I came across Peter's posting. We listened to his background chat, it made sense, so we set up the online chat.

In that hour online the link was established. It made so much sense what he promised. We decided to enter the program together.
I can categorically state that this course helped me beyond recognition. It explains causes, and demolishes the pain and doubts brick by brick.

I found that the further I went, the more I could face the issues. Often, I would start a session with churning heart and emotions, and walk out feeling as if the world was no longer on my shoulders.
 Particular once reaching the latter week 4 and start of week 5 huge inroads were made rolling away the barriers.

What I found great was the one to one help from Pete if needed - email the feelings, pain and circumstances, and you get a personal reply dealing with the issues.

The fact, if needed, you can have further one on one chat with him is also a wonderful safety net.

Listening to, or participating in the weekly zoom sessions is also a great part of it. Points are raised which help you. Things which you never considered are raised, throwing new aspects to the answers which may well help. Of course, some may not be related to your problem - you can just listen.

To complete the picture, being able to access past chat programs is invaluable. Looking at the index, you can find chats specific to your particular problem at that time, or, like us, work through them in sequence.

Putting all this support together, plus the Facebook page where numerous betrayers and betrayed partners can post issues, and receive totally supportive and non judgemental comments helping them in their particular problem areas at that time, gives you such a great, instructional, helpful structure where SOMEWHERE you will find help and a release from the pain you experience.

Are my wife and I over the whole issue? No. But we are improving and progressing every day. Our relationship is far better, and closer, than it was for some years before the affair. Our love is growing daily. We WILL make it.

I wish the affair had never happened! But, if I had the choice of no affair, and the indifferent, "friendship" relationship before, and the rekindled love and intimacy we now enjoy, and it grows daily, I am almost greatful it happened. With Peter's help, and this group, you learn to forgive, accept your part of the responsibility for the affair.
This course is invaluable and unique. Can only say that, if you apply yourself, you will emerge a better, stronger person in a relationship blessed with a closeness you and your spouse would not believe could emerge."

Paul C.

I would have swapped my whole life just for that one moment

"I’ve never really liked myself, and even if my husband tried to be nice to me, I knew inside I would never be able to accept it. I heard Pete talking on a group call to someone else and the tears just started to flow - I realised he was describing me, exactly me. My heart felt like it was going to burst out of my rib cage. My husband's affair is NOT about me - it was all his hurting and just like I feel worthless, so does he. We cried together in love for the first time. 

I would have swapped my whole life just for that one moment."

Paula P.

What a difference that first week made!

"My world crumbled when I stumbled across the fact my husband was having an affair. It didn't sink in for a few days, but when it did I was mad. Every time we tried to talk I'd end up screaming at him and crying. He would walk away or just look at me silently.

Over the next couple of weeks more information about his affairs came to light. Each revelation hammered me into the ground a little more.

After a few weeks I searched for 'how to get over an affair'. Reams of self help books appeared but in amongst them was a video. I watched it and felt as though someone had been watching me over the last few weeks and understood how I was feeling.

My husband was hesitant about joining the course initially but agreed to participate. We watched the first week of videos, both still really defensive and me so angry and hurt.

What a difference that first week made! In a week we were already beginning to understanding why he'd had an affair, and how my behaviour had contributed to it. I never though I'd be saying 'I can see how I contributed to your affair', but I really did see how. The relief in my husband was visible. Finally he was beginning to see why he'd done what he'd done and that he wasn't the awful person he saw himself as. This was a momentous moment in our journey.
It's been an eye opener from then on. We are now three months into the programme. We're going through the programme for the second time. We're most definitely a work in progress and some days are better than others. We stumble at times, but now we have an ever growing tool kit to look into to help us back onto our feet.

We're both in our late 50's so it's going to take time to understand why we do things the way we do and to understand how we can change our feelings and reactions. We are doing it though and we can see the difference and feel the difference.

We are getting to know each other again, understanding our feelings and talking about them. Understanding how our behaviour impacts us individually and each other. Engaging positively with each other, communicating and laughing together again. We always used to laugh but hadn't realised that had gone. We and our home has a happier vibe, a calmer vibe and two people who are beginning to see themselves and each other again!"

Carol S.

I clung to this programme as an anchor to steady me.

"I was in so much pain/confusion and turmoil 18 months ago. The pain felt unbearable at times. I could not get my head around the fact my spouse of over 30 years had been having a long term affair. It totally shattered my safety and deluded idea of what we had together.

I clung to this programme as an anchor to steady me.

I knew deep down it made complete sense even although I fought against some of the teachings at times when I would sink into victimhood…

I continued to listen, joined most of the group coaching calls and started to see “the truth” My husband did not join the programme so I worked it on my own.

The truth set me free!!

I understand my husband more today than I ever have.

I see my part in the entropy that had set into our marriage.

I take responsibility for my happiness today.

It gets easier and as you study this programme and use the support available you can feel much better quite quickly.

I can honestly say we have a respectful and loving relationship now.
Its not perfect but we’re much happier now than we were before my husbands infidelity 💞"

Elaine D.

Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart

"My husband's infidelity rocked my world. I have never felt so alone, so unwanted or so unattractive in my life. My family and my friends kept telling me what a useless man I had married and that I deserved more, but it didn't help. In fact it made things worse!

But with your help I have learned that I do matter and because I now know that, I have been able to learn how to help (my husband) feel important too. The changes have been truly amazing. I absolutely know that he will never be unfaithful to me again and words can't convey this feeling. Our world is now understandable and we have a blueprint for our relationship going forwards. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Anita D. 

This has never happened in 27 years!

"When I first spoke to Pete, I really liked the sound of the program and what it would do for us, but I didn’t like the idea that I had to do any of the work. He had cheated, surely it was his job to fix it. I couldn’t have been more wrong. 

Doing the program with my husband has brought us closer together in ways I couldn’t imagine to start with. It would have felt easier just to let him do it all but fixing our marriage together has become our new joint project. I’m learning to ask for what I want. And he’s learning to really listen to me. This has never happened in 27 years."

Rupa B.

My pain existed long before my husband came along!

"My husband and I have completed the bonus week 7 of the programme and I cannot commend it enough! I have learnt so much about myself. I have been taken on a journey of self-discovery. I understand my learnt behaviours, expectations, assumptions and judgements. I always knew I was critical of others and self but now understand the reasons for this. I always knew I could be selfish and my eyes have opened to just how much. My lack and emotional emptiness was a major contributor.

Pete made a statement early in the programme which I could not initially get my head around. He stated that 'your spouse's/partner's affair is not what is causing your pain'. I have actually discovered that it is the lack of unconditional love and negative experiences in childhood that's the cause. Whenever I feel insecure, hurt, rejected, abandoned the pain of the past floods back followed by the voice "You are not good enough"

My pain existed long before my husband came along. It was just pushed down and covered over.

Thanks to this programme I now know I matter to others. I am loved and I can freely love others. Regardless of my weight, intelligence, personality, earning potential, size of my home I am just as important as the next person.

So, thank you Pete (and Nikki). No doubt I will go through the programme again and again as well as join the coaching calls.
I intend to live life; to laugh, cry, feel, touch. I intend to love my family as I ought to. I intend to forgive myself for my past selfishness, for withholding love because I did not have it to give and for whatever mistakes I make in the future.😀 "

Doreen R.

Shining A Light For Me

"Once in a while, just when your world seems dark and unfathomable, someone shines a light in a way that changes everything. You did that for me Pete and I'll be forever grateful!"

I have got my best friend back!

"Good afternoon Pete,
I wanted to say a massive thank you from both of us or everything, all the support and course content. We have almost completed the full 7 weeks now.

I have found so much out about myself, never thought I would like an online course, but its been truly transforming. I am still learning. I am excited for our future together again. We have found each other again. Its like I have found the missing pieces.

I have noticed a transformation in (my husband) also, its truly magical. I have got my best friend back.

I will not lie, I still find myself some days in victim mode but I can now recognise this and know how to charge my battery.

I am still going to come to the calls etc and we both are going to do the course again and again I am sure, as I know there is so much I still need to learn.

Without the course and continued support, I do not know where we would have been right now and we are both truly grateful.
Thank you "


We could not be any more thankful!

"Hey Pete, I just wanted to say hello and say your philosophy and teachings are helping enormously. We thank you and Nikki for being the people you are because I know the road back to love would be a lot harder without you. The special thing about you all is that you've taken us down a new road that has made us see what love really is and could be for both of us!

We could not be any more thankful!”

Troy H.

We are 'in love' again!

"D day for me was 13 months ago. 

Working with this program and understanding where we went wrong and why, finding unconditional love and with the support of this group, our relationship is now better than it has ever been ! 

We have been together since school (1978) and married since 1983. 

We talk, we laugh, we go on special outings. We are 'in love' again. I would not want to relive the last 13 months but the effort we have both put into our marriage has made us both so much happier."

Pia S.

Thanks for listening to me!

"Thanks for listening to me when I need you to and thanks for everything. You and Nikki really are beautiful people doing amazing work.”

Emma M.

Turning Point Of Our Entire Lives

“My wife and I discovered Pete at probably the lowest point of our marriage, but I now look back on that time as being the turning point of our entire lives. My wife was clearly telling me how unloved she felt by the behaviours she was exhibiting and in my own unloved state I chose to feel hurt and angry.

Pete helped us see what we were doing to each other and that in trying to ‘get’ love from each other and elsewhere, we were only succeeding in driving the real thing away.

We have had to relearn our whole view of the world, of what people’s behaviours are telling us and how our own behaviour gives away our emptiness. It has created an amazing bond between my wife and I and it has been a completely life changing experience.”

Gary H.

I Will Never Go Back To That Behaviour Again

“Embracing the principles I have been taught and feeling unconditionally accepted, has enabled me to understand exactly why I had affairs and also to find the ability to tell the truth about them, without feeling that I would be judged, embarrassed or blamed. It has also ensured I will never go back to that behaviour again.”

Simon M.

I Was Convinced My Husband Was A Narcissist

“I was convinced (my husband) was a narcissist. You read so much stuff on the internet about abusive narcissists and sociopaths and when they've cheated on you it makes you feel better to think they fit that description. (He) certainly lacked empathy and he didn't seem to be showing any remorse, so he had to be didn't he? 

Turns out - NO! - (he) just needed to feel unconditionally loved and now he's the loving husband he was when we first met.”

Fiona P.

I am surprised at the progress we have made as quickly as we have!

"I am 5 months in and still learning. I am surprised at the progress we have made as quickly as we have.

We have worked really hard at it, it's the #1 thing on my mind most days, getting better, striving for unconditional love daily. We are better than we have been in years over the last few weeks. It works if you keep working it even when you don't seem to be progressing.

Keep working it!"

Trevor T. 

This Course Has Been Eye Opening

“I’ve spent my whole life making money into my God. I see now that this was at the expense of my family. This course has been eye opening"

Rob D. 

It has been hell!

“When I first found out of the affair it was killing me, didn’t know what to do, a friend who had went through this gave me the best information, and told me go forward either fight for your marriage or get on with your life, not backwards ! so I went online and that is how I found you Pete.

It has been hell!

We are on week 2, but finally starting to see great progress thanks to you, thank you so much. I still wake up with images of him with her, trying to deal with that, otherwise we are now communicating better than ever, intimacy also , caring for each other also,and truly reaching unconditional love. Amazing changes already and so quick!"

Dee  H.

A Creeping Realisation

“I'm Learning so much from this course and I have this slow creeping realisation that how my Mum and Dad parented me is responsible for a lot of my issues.”

Len D.

A New Start For Both Of Us

"It hurt so bad. I suspected he was cheating for months before he told me, but when he did I feel apart!!! My childhood was awful. I came into this world unwanted and then it seems hes telling me he doesn't want me either. But that wasn't true. It's just what it felt like.

Pete's course helped me to see my whole life differently and now we are working at putting unconditional love at the heart of our marriage. I'm so much happier. We both are."

Roxy T.

The Program Is Incredible!

“Pete - the program is incredible. We are only three days in and benefiting greatly. Couples who aren't "getting over affairs" should also being doing this course!

Thanks Pete for putting together this program - saving marriages one couple at a time.”

Alex P.

Our connection has been renewed

"Since the coaching with you, a lot of things have changed for my husband and me. Our connection has been renewed and we feel so much closer to each other now. It gave us back a sense of power in the knowing that we can have a beautiful relationship and do the things that please us, not others. We are talking more about our feelings and have more considerations for each other's emptiness barometer. The affair partner has also backed off after I have explained in an email that he and I have decided to stay together.

The big thing for me was that I was able to drop the mental images and comparisons of the affair. It felt good to be free of them, and as you suggested I am not allowing them back in.

So, thank you for holding us in love and showing us a new way in having a loving relationship!"

Myra K.

His calm and quiet conversation with me sparked hope

"We were the perfect couple, that’s what everyone thought, and we did too! My whole life was perfect. I was raised perfectly, or so I thought... until all the perfection exploded into little bits of years of pent up anger, victimhood and pain.

My husband had an affair and all my world crumbled.

I desperately tried to keep us together and it got worse as I tried helping him be accountable, still not trusting him, making sure my friends and family app was monitoring his every move. This behaviour was not building love and trust it was pushing him away.
I then connected with Pete and from the first moment I spoke with him and shared some of my drama, his calm and quiet conversation with me sparked hope. I felt no shame, guilt or fear. I liked feeling this way and wanted to know how to feel better.

We started our journey in finding what loving looks like my hurt, anger and heart healed. It now seems like a million years ago...
There are moments that I just look up and am so grateful for finding the road to real happiness.

As I look back over the last couple of years I’m thankful for my journey, the hard and prickly bits, and now the joy and peace I feel is priceless. I’m grateful for the lifetime I have to grow and experience unconditionally loving my husband. "

Laura G.

I Don't Actually Know Who I am Anymore!

“As I do this work and go through this course, I realise that I don’t actually know who I am any more. But that’s not a bad thing – I was clearly an opinionated, ungrateful t** before!”

Stuart F.

This Is The Missing Piece

"Becoming aware of all this has hit the nail on the head for me. This is the missing piece that I’ve unknowingly been searching for all my life and I'm so grateful I found this course and you Pete.”

Duncan M.

I Finally Understand

"I finally understand what’s been wrong with our relationship – neither of us has been good at sharing the truth about ourselves.
This course has been instrumental in changing the entire nature of our relationship”

Kyle B.

I Wish I Could Do The Intervention Over Again!

“Oh wow. What can I say? I started the coaching program a broken woman. I was in so much pain after I discovered my husband had an affair, I didn’t know how I could ever move on.

I can’t thank Pete and Nikki enough for opening my eyes. I now understand the emptiness which drove my husband’s behaviours and the emptiness which kept me stuck in my own patterns of behaviour.

Despite initially thinking that the programme was expensive, we have actually saved much more than that by avoiding divorce and cutting out the need to continue to pay for things which were really only burying our emptiness and buying a better feeling.

Gina T.

We Are Really Talking To Each Other Now

"Pete, I just wanted you to know how insanely valuable this course has been to our entire family and we haven't even completed it yet.

I know you said that success was down to us and how much we wanted to make changes but how can we not want to after learning the truth behind all the stuff we were doing before? An added bonus is that its helped us see how chaotic our lives were and how bad it was for the kids. 

We are really talking to each other now and not superficially either - this truth telling gets quite deep and dare I say it, freeing!"

Richard D.

We Can’t Thank You Enough

“Thanks to what we’ve learned with you, we’ve been sharing a lot of words and thoughts and closeness. Funny how this has brought a level of closeness to our relationship that we had been missing and it was right away. Of course we have much healing and rediscovery ahead but we can’t thank you enough”

Sharon T. & Tom T.

The happiness we are experiencing now has been so worth everything we have had to push through

"When I discovered the website I was filled with hope, but before completing the questionnaire, I admit to feeling reluctant to enter my details as I was afraid I was committing myself to something and that these people would now know something quite personal about me and my husband.

I went ahead after some considerable soul searching and I am so glad I did. It was no doubt, the best decision of my life.

The journey we have been on since that fateful decision has been incredible. I can't say it's always been easy, but the happiness we are experiencing now has been so worth everything we have had to push through."

Carrie N. 

This Course Is Great!

“This course is great! I had no idea that each time I am unloving to [my wife] I drain my own battery. It has been eye opening to learn that each time I am afraid or do something to just ‘feel better’ in the moment, I am draining my battery too. 

Thanks Pete”

Stephen A.

This stuff rocks!

"December 2014 was probably the worst time of my life... and as you know Pete, it hadn’t been a great life before that!

Pete, the day my husband told me he had been seeing someone else just about ripped my heart out but, though it pains me to say it, I love him more now because of that betrayal. But then again that is only because of what you taught us. 

I’m crazy grateful but you know that because I keep telling you. This stuff rocks!"

Debbie F.

You Were Listening To Me At Ground Zero

“Pete, your words were so helpful. You were listening to me at ground zero. And your response was spot on. We are beginning to recover and find each other again and that’s entirely thanks to the information you've shared with us.”

Pauline Y.

A Shift In Perspective

"Working with Pete has been genuinely life changing. He has taught me how to take more responsibility for my thoughts and feelings by unconditionally loving me through my craziness and all my imperfections as a human being! 

This shift in perspective has transformed my day to day life (including my relationship with my partner and son) and I feel so much more equipped to deal with the knocks that life frequently throws my way!

Pete has an amazing ability to see where I am emotionally before I have even said anything! He is a wonder and I’m so truly grateful for the love and wisdom he has shared with me. "

Ruth R.

He Was A Terrible Father 

"My Mum and Dad split up after my Dad had an affair and although I was very sad for Mum, I was glad because I didn’t get on with my Dad at all. It gave me the excuse I needed not to ever see him again. I found out they had coaching. When Dad asked to see me, I reluctantly agreed. What he said then absolutely transformed our relationship. He took full responsibility and admitted he had been a terrible father. Since that day, my relationship with Dad has blossomed and now he is the father I always dreamed of having. I am really thankful that Mum and Dad are so happy too.”

Keely S. 

Emotionally Bruised And Scared

"I know how emotionally bruised and scared I felt when I stumbled across Pete's website. That’s just a distant memory now and I can’t thank him enough for helping me learn to love my husband and overcome all my own pain too.”

Cara S. 

My Life And Relationship Have Changed Phenomenally

"My coaching experience with Pete was second to none. I admit, I was skeptical about any form of counselling or self exploration, it was simply foreign to me. Now I can say, hand on heart, that I’m so glad that I chose to work with him. My life and relationship have changed phenomenally! I feel happier than I ever have done, and my relationship with my partner has just bloomed! We actually WANT to spend time together now, in fact we can’t get enough of each other!

When I usually read testimonials, I think, ‘Yeah right, as if they didn’t write that themselves!’ I don’t want this to sound like that. When I say Pete has changed my life, I do not exaggerate & I stand by my word. Every day was a struggle in our relationship & I felt certain that it couldn’t be fixed. Pete helped me look at and our relationship from a different perspective. I learnt more about myself than I ever thought I could, I’ll take that knowledge with me for life. He taught me how to really love and value myself, and my partner."

Nat B.

I Want More

"Having spent the last year and a half learning more and more about unconditional love with Pete and learning to take more responsibility for my life, I wanted to continue my journey as I know there is much more that I can learn and discover about ME! I've also been amazed at the changes in my life and my relationship since starting this journey and I want more!!

Rhoda N.

Grateful And Blessed

I wish to give you a big thank you for your love, help and support this year Pete. I feel very grateful and blessed to have you in my life. I really appreciate the time and effort. You have put into me a lot of effort and it paid off. I'm so happy."

Lola W. 

Nothing has given me results anywhere close

"Pete this has been a tough old journey but there have been so many highlights along the way to keep me reassured I’m on the right path. And I do know that this is the only path worth following because I’ve tried pretty much everything else and nothing has given me results anywhere close. "

Tom C.

Restored My Faith In Humanity

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the greatest gift anyone could have shared with me - unconditional love. You've restored my faith in humanity. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and teaching me how to live a life of freedom and happiness. I'll never forget the most precious gift you have brought into my life and I will continue to practice and treasure it forever xx"

Lucinda L.

The magic our marriage needed

"My wife and I found your website about 3 years ago and since then we have learned so much more about love than we thought it was possible to know. We thought you just felt it. Or not, in our case. But that’s not true at all and making the one time decision to learn to love my wife more each day has been the magic our marriage needed.
Thank you Pete, without all this we wouldn’t still be together and loving life like this. "

Wes B.

Fundamentally changed as a person

"Thanks Pete, you've been my rock through some pretty tough times. I'm happy to say I'm floating on much calmer waters nowadays because of what I've learned and I'm fundamentally changed as a person for the better."

Fizz B.

I have learned how to handle this situation

"Thank you Pete and Nikki, I just love the way you put things into perspective! I have learned how to handle this situation, get past and over it quicker from you than the marriage counseling classes we attended. Thank God for you both. "

Tamara B.

Your presence in our lives has truly changed us forever

"Pete, in all your calls, emails, posts and communication you put so much thought into making sure other people are remaining solid, at peace and always have great things to say to us to keep us positive. I would like to tell you that we both truly appreciate the time and effort you spend with us, your presence in our lives has truly changed us forever."

Gerard P.

I see a way and that's by walking in unconditional love

"Thank you Pete and Nikki, I just love the way you put things into perspective! I have learned how to handle this situation, get past and over it quicker from you than the marriage counseling classes we attended.

Thank God for you, I still loved my husband but wasn't able to get past the hurt and betrayal. But I see a way and that's by walking in unconditional love, who would have thought that this is all I needed to do. Something we forget about as we get older and life happens."

Tanya G.

I'm daring to believe I can be so much more than I've ever let myself be

“I'm grateful that I met my husband, I'm grateful that we've experienced what we've experienced together- especially the hard times. Why? Because it brought me to Pete & Nikki. It brought me to the awareness that I have so much more power than I ever believed, to make the changes in my life that can lead me to live a joyous and peaceful life.

I'm daring to believe I can be so much more than I've ever let myself be. I'm starting to like being me. “

Nancy H.

I love the program

"I love the program and wish I had it before ever getting married. Thank you so much.”

Susan O.

Nothing comes close to this program

“Over the years I have done many programs and I learned something from most of them but truthfully, nothing comes close to what I've learned on this one! Cliche as it sounds, this is truly 'life-changing', as much as it is relationship-saving. ”

Dawn C. (Nonprofit Executive Director)

This crisis was the best thing that could've happened for us

"I (as the betrayed partner) learnt very quickly that this crisis was the best thing that could've happened for us. I am thankful it did. This may be hard for you to read if you are still in great harsh & overwhelming pain but hold on to the truth, knowledge, hope that like the many who have gone through this course before you... You too will find the pain will pass and you will be filled with beautiful soft yet strong unconditional love.
Interesting that I as the betrayed partner find it easier to say this than my husband. He is thankful for our love now but horrified at what it took for us to uncover that we didn't know true or unconditional love. "

Beth D.

We simply would not be together at all if it wasn’t for the backbone of this course

"If someone told me 5 weeks ago where I’d be today, I just would not have believed you!

I have chosen to go thru this course myself. We started together, but my husband just wasn’t ready (by his own admission) but, you know, the darnedest thing has happened. As I have followed the course, unconsciously so has he! But, we are absolutely getting there in strides that I could have only dreamed of 2 weeks ago.

But most importantly, we simply would not be together at all if it wasn’t for the backbone of this course... it was never about me. It was about not having the tools to deal with what life throws at us. I would never have been able to cope continually thinking that this was a personal attack on me. And we would have separated. I know this.

If it’s tough for you just now, hang in. It’s pretty good on the other side!"

Lily B.

Really amazing and over the top caring

"I just want to tell you guys a sincere huge thank you for amazingly putting your lives and hearts out here to help others understand these truths in a much clearer way. It’s amazing what you guys have done and do each day. Really amazing and over the top caring. "

The more you discover, the more things make sense

“This journey is all about self discovery. The more you discover, the more things make sense. This gives you the knowledge and understanding about yourself to reveal the person from under the mask that you always really wanted to be, and actually have always been but have been hidden. You can then connect to your spouse in a truthful and loving way - better than ever before! The journey is already showing it’s well worth it.”

Paul Y. 

Your work is so precious, so important.

”I just want to say this program has changed my life or shall I say how I look at my life. I'm so pleased for you and Nikki, it's amazing the work you're doing, literally changing lives, saving lives, keeping families together as you teach them how to love each other unconditionally, just as you did for me. Keep going, your work is so precious, so important.”

Jodie W. 

We have taken our time to sit with the amazing lessons and work on ourselves.

“This programme has taken us nearly a year to work through. In the beginning we did one module a week, then it slowed off as life changed.
We have taken our time to sit with the amazing lessons and work on ourselves.
It truly is life changing in all aspects of how we interact not only with each other but with our children and the wider world.”

Sylvia T.

Your course has been fantastic for us!

”I have to say your course has been fantastic for us. We have connected on an emotional level that we have never experienced before and that is down to your advice, care and coaching. Thank you.”

Chris C.

I am GLAD the infidelity happened because of the healing we found in this program

I was a betrayed partner and we joined this program the actual day after I found out about my husband’s infidelity. That night I searched on Google and this website was the first that appeared, something I will always attribute to “divine intervention “ I emailed Pete and the following day we spoke with him at 6 am US time.

That was the start of an incredible journey and today I can honestly say that I am GLAD the infidelity happened because of the healing we found in this program. It has given us the kind of relationship I always wanted but couldn’t seem to create.“

Martine J.

This is the best kept secret on the internet

”Oh my, this program has to be the best kept 'secret' on the internet - secret only because no one wants to broadcast the fact their spouse had an affair otherwise people would be recommending this far and wide. Truly life changing! I’m almost glad he cheated, no I AM glad!”

Jill Y.

This is truly 'life-changing', as much as it is relationship-saving

“Over the years I have done many programs and I learned something from most of them but truthfully, nothing comes close to what I've learned on this one! Cliché as it sounds, this is truly 'life-changing', as much as it is relationship-saving.”

Dawn C.

Our life together has never been so content and happy

“Because of this program and all we have learned, our life together has never been so content and happy. As I have said before to Pete, I was on the internet looking for a divorce Lawyer and I feel like it was Divine intervention when the introductory video came up.

We have been married almost 33 years and all my walls built in childhood are down. I finally feel free of the victim hood of my childhood. Thanks to this program I have even connected with my mother whom I have not had contact with in 10 years. I have learned true forgiveness. I thank this community, Pete and Nikki. My drowning days are over.”

Gaynor L. (Creative Director, Advertising Industry )

The realisations and changes we are both making are incredible

"Me and my husband are new to the program and although will probably sit quiet in the background of the group for awhile I just wanted to say we are on day 4 and the realisations and changes we are both making are incredible."

Shelly H.

We’re all strong, we’ve got this!!

“It’s been 4 months since I discovered my husband’s infidelity. Worst day of my life! We’ve both worked (really hard) through this program and I can honestly say that we get along so well and have an entirely new outlook on our relationship. 

I’m currently away on a vacation with a friend and for the first time in years I’m not sick to my stomach wondering what my husband is doing while I’m gone. In fact we text and talk all the time. He even has a surprise for me when I get home (I think he’s pouring a slab for our future hot tub). Life is good! We’re all strong, we’ve got this!!”

Anya N. 

Keep saving lives and relationships, your work is so important

"Pete / Nikki
I really don’t know how to express my range of emotions that [my wife] and myself have gone through during this journey together through you program. In the past we both have had utilized coaching in business to continually improve upon ourselves but your course not only has saved us as individuals, our relationship, our family’s but have strengthen us in every way.

As individuals we have grown and changed for the better and found so much clarity in our emotions and mental health, we have learned to love ourselves and each other so deeply. Our relationship has strengthened 1000% we have learned to be truthful and let go of fear and fill ourselves with love. I have seen such a dramatic change in Amy and her strength has really strengthened my resolve, I have changed so much for the better thanks to your coaching and Amy’s strength. We have opened up about our past and it has put us on the right path for the future. Our communication, emotional connection and sex life has grown leaps and bounds.

Both our families have gotten the residual benefits of this journey, [My wife] has connected with her mom on a different stronger level and reconnected with her dad in a very positive way, understanding there past hang-ups and accepting them has allowed her to grow stronger with both her parents and they have accepted me in their lives because of the work she has done.

 I have learned to open up to my parents to communicate and wear them down with love, they have seen such a change in me not just words but mentally and emotionally. It has taken time and Amy has been very patient with me and my relationship with my parents, I have learned to stand up to them in a positive way and show them that their new found son is here to stay.

Through your coaching we both see the errors of our past with our children and strive to make a better path for their future. I personally have learned to embrace and connect stronger with my children and have learned to fill my emotional bottle with them rather than distractions in life. We both will show our children through unconditional love how relationships should be built to last, and through us living our lives this way will have an everlasting reflection on their lives.

Our professional lives have flourished during this journey, we have been able to put clarity in our lives control our emotions and that has allowed us to focus not only on each other but our work. [My wife] has received two great promotions during this time and my business has doubled in volume from last year, it has been hard work but we have put each other first and funny how once you learn to focus on what matter the most in life the rest of the puzzle comes together.

Nikki and yourself have had a resounding effect on our lives, I would never guessed it would resonate so deeply into our relationship, faith, family, and business. I have kept a journal through this and I remember in the first lessons about the table and the legs, it’s really is so important to be balanced in life. We both have a life time of growth and you have taught us so much about ourselves and each other. This course has put us back on track in life stronger and with the tools to deal with issues that will arise in life.

I reflect on the morning that [my wife] confronted me with my adultery, those feelings, then the first phone call to you sitting in my truck in the parking lot. I think about the turning point - Letting go of the guilt and the feeling of truth, then taking that truth and your coaching and expressing it to [my wife]. I never had a clue where this course was going to take me or the effects it would have on my life, but I can tell you from my personal experience that it truly save me from a lifetime of emptiness.

Putting [my wife] first in my life has brought happiness and clarity to my life.

We just wanted to share the impact you have had on our lives and truly the good work Nikki and you do. Keep saving lives and relationships, your work is so important."

Carlos B.

The knock on effects of this work....

“Hi Pete

I wanted to express my gratitude to you today. I am caring for my grandsons in a different way because of what I’ve learned about unconditional love. My ex husband has noticed the difference and asked me about it. The boys are calmer, more confident trusting and loving in a new and positive way.

Caroline D.
The 5 Vital Steps Struggling Couples Are Taking to Recover, Repair and Rebuild Their Marriage After Infidelity
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