How to Fix And Save Your Marriage in As Little As 90 Days After Infidelity Has Ripped it Apart!

"The 5 Vital Steps Struggling Couples Are Taking to Recover, Repair and Rebuild Their Marriage After Infidelity (Even if the pain is overwhelming and forgiveness feels out of reach)"
With Pete & Nikki Uglow


"Please Don't Let Divorce Destroy Everything You've Built!"

Discover The Mysterious Ingredient (known to only 1% of all married couples) that will transform a marriage in crisis into an affair-proofed partnership that's a source of love & joy for both!

It's time to shatter the misconception that wanting to save your marriage after infidelity is a sign of weakness or a lack of self-respect. In reality, it's one of the bravest and most compassionate acts a person can undertake. People don't acknowledge this enough, instead they tend to resort to judgment and opinion which are the lowest of human behaviours.

I want you to know that your desire to salvage your relationship, despite the pain and fear, speaks volumes about your strength, your resilience, and your capacity for forgiveness. It takes immense courage to confront the pain and betrayal head-on, to choose the path of healing and reconciliation instead of succumbing to bitterness or resentment.

So, to all the betrayed spouses out there: I see you. I honour your bravery, your resilience, and your unwavering compassion. Keep holding onto hope, keep fighting for love, and remember that your journey towards healing is a testament to your capacity for grace.

To all the straying spouses out there: I've been where you are and I know the challenges you are facing too. You want to save your marriage and put all this behind you but you don't really know what to do for the best. You need to remember and be told that you are a good person who needs to get back in touch with your inherent sense of worth so you can learn from this mistake and move forwards. I know that you can do that and find the joy together that you both deserve. 


In just 12 weeks from now you will have a formula for the ultimate marriage based on unconditional love. The infidelity will become a distant memory that no longer causes distress or contention between you.

But firstly, does this sound like you?

If you are the spouse who has been betrayed... 

  • You are struggling under the weight of your pain & the images in your mind, yet your spouse would prefer you to “just get over it”.
  • You are secretly terrified that you will never get beyond this pain, and then reconnect with the spouse you still love.
  • ​​You are unsure how your marriage can possibly recover from such a devastating blow, especially when everyone else is telling you to leave.
  • You feel horribly suspicious and mistrustful, and find yourself second guessing all that your partner says and does.
  • ​​You feel fear and shame about the possibility of others discovering what is going on in your 'seemingly perfect' marriage.
  • You still feel heartbroken and resentful that your spouse betrayed you, and yet you are the one who continues to suffer.
  • ​You have never felt so confused, lost, hurt and alone & you just want this nightmare to end, yet you don't know where to turn.

If you are the spouse who has strayed... 

  • You are afraid that the stigma of being exposed will undermine your integrity and reputation.
  • You are afraid that your marriage ending will mean losing the life you’ve worked so hard to weave together.
  • You are struggling with the potential financial fallout from divorce - the risk to the lifestyle you have or the cost of impending legal battles.
  • The thought of losing time with or access to your children is terrifying.
  • You feel like nobody really cares or understands how you feel in all this.
  • You are very fearful of the judgments of others when they discover what you have done.
  • ​Beyond your spouse and children, you dread friendships, family ties and community standings being fractured by the revelations.

If any of that sounds like you and if you really want to know how to turn your infidelity story around, eliminate all the lingering pain and re-find your 'best friend' again... 

...this will be THE MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO MASTERCLASS you will ever watch!

When the pupil is ready the teacher will appear!

I can take you on a journey that will help you find each other again & lift your marriage to a place you've never experienced before.

Hi, I'm Pete Uglow. My wife, Nikki, and I have been right where you find yourselves now. We understand the struggles that smart, professional couples face when trying to overcome the impact of infidelity. We understand your concerns regarding privacy and protecting your reputation. Our own journey has inspired us to help others in a similar situation.

I'm here to guide couples like you back to a place of security, love, and happiness in their marriage. Nikki and I know how the pain, fear, and mistrust can cast a dark cloud over everything, and we're passionate about supporting you in overcoming these challenges. Let's work together to turn things around and build a stronger, happier marriage.

If you are a betrayed spouse, I will help you understand exactly why your partner was unfaithful, why it was not about you at all, and how to replace a missing ingredient in your own emotional system so that new joy can be breathed back into your life. Only then can you find the peace of mind and security you are searching for in your relationship.

If you are a straying spouse, I will help you understand why you strayed, how to love and support your partner through their pain, how to handle their many questions and emotional responses, how to let go of the shame and guilt, and then how to build a marriage you'll never want to stray from again.

“I completed a doctorate and I’m a Chartered Psychologist, but I’ve felt so ashamed about what I do. I feel like a fraud at work as I’ve been so unable to sort my own life out. Out of all the theories, models, and studies I’ve completed, the package you have put together is absolutely incredible. The way I’ve been trained to work with clients does not compare to the powerful package you have put together - thank you.
Justine T. (betrayed spouse)

FACT: It's not widely understood that ALL infidelity, and ALL pain from betrayal originates from a very real misunderstanding of the word 'LOVE' 

When pain, mistrust, triggers and resentment are undermining all attempts at affair recovery, we can provide you with a proven pathway. We can shine a light on the vital role of one ingredient in healing all the wounds and fostering a higher kind of love.

It's about making sure you grasp why this information hasn't crossed your path until now, precisely what this game-changing element entails, what it's not about, and most importantly, how to seamlessly integrate it into your marriage for instant impact.  We guide you through this process, step-by-step, ensuring you achieve the happiness you've always wanted.

Our website pulls in a staggering 12,000 visitors every month, and what's truly outstanding is that over 90% of the couples we extend our assistance to, not only recover but thrive, forging a joyful, tightly-knit, and affair-resistant marriage as they move forward. Trust us, this success rate is unparalleled in the realm of couples' therapy. T
his is the answer you've been searching for, and it works miracles!

“I would proclaim the wonders of Pete & Nikki's work from a mountaintop!! Not just for what it has done for our relationship but for what it has done for me personally and the peace it has finally brought to my heart.” 
Tiffani F. (betrayed spouse)

"The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves." 

Don't fall into the trap of waiting for your relationship to improve!

These people didn't & they have never looked back...
"I can't believe I nearly lost the most amazing thing in my life through sheer ignorance!"
David H.
* Anonymity protected
"If anyone had told me this feeling was available to us after an affair I wouldn't have believed them!"

Linda S.
* Anonymity protected
"Pete helped us change our entire world and we've never looked back!"

Mike & Karla P.
* Anonymity protected

I've helped nearly a thousand smart professional couples, just like you, to recover from the pain, repair the damage and build the marriage they were always meant to have but didn't.


People like...

*Elena & Jim

"Wow, this experience has been a total game-changer for me. It's like a breath of fresh air! I can't believe the changes, even though Jim didn't really get involved much – our relationship is now bursting with that deep emotional connection I've honestly been craving for so long. This program has not only saved my marriage after the affair but also given me back my sparkle too!"

Elena S. U.S. (betrayed spouse)
*Anonymity preserved.

*Stephen & Barbara

"Our marriage has been completely transformed. Barbara and I are thrilled – our relationship has never been stronger or more connected and we are more in love than I ever thought was possible. We're a living testament to the power of your amazing programme in teaching us about things we simply didn't know before and we couldn't be happier!"
Stephen B. UK (straying spouse)
*Anonymity preserved.

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Are You Ready To Discover The Essential Ingredient That Smart People Are Bringing Into Their Marriages & Elevating Them To The Upper 1% Level ?

The 5 Vital Steps Struggling Couples Are Taking to Recover, Repair and Rebuild Their Marriage After Infidelity
(Even if the pain is overwhelming and forgiveness feels out of reach)

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