When facing the crushing waves of infidelity, it can feel like you’re lost in the dark. Pete stands as a beacon of light, helping illuminate your path forward. With his steadfast support, you will gain clarity amidst the chaos, finding the strength to move forward. While Pete doesn't claim to erase your pain for you, he offers hope and guidance, soothing you with universal truths about unconditional love that change the way you view everything .

The 5 Vital Steps Struggling Couples Are Taking to Recover, Repair and Rebuild Their Marriage After Infidelity (Even if the pain is overwhelming and forgiveness feels out of reach!)

If you are prepared to confront this infidelity crisis head-on, let's dive into this...

Time is of the essence. Every moment counts, and wasting it is not an option.

Without guidance, your relationship could spiral downwards and you could lose everything. If you've had enough of the suffering and are genuinely eager to reclaim the fulfilling relationship you know you're worthy of, Pete & Nikki are here to illuminate the path.

When you immerse yourself in our 45-minute presentation, stick around till the very end. There, you'll have the opportunity to register for a complimentary Clarity Call, a pivotal step towards discovering how our program can pave the way for the security, love, and intimate connection you yearn for.

But let's be clear—these calls aren't for those seeking casual advice. These calls are tailored for committed couples, ready to collaborate with a seasoned expert who has faced similar challenges and guided hundreds of couples annually towards rediscovering happiness in their relationship after grappling with infidelity.

Invest in Yourself, Your Relationship and Your Future!

Are you ready to make a decisive move past the agony, the discord, the mistrust and the emotional disconnection? 

Are you ready to rediscover each other, stronger than ever before? 

If your answer is a resounding 'yes,' then it's time to reserve your spot for a call. Don't let hesitation hold you back—even if your partner isn't quite prepared to engage in a conversation just yet, you can still secure a spot.

However, keep in mind, our call slots tend to fill up rapidly. 

Act swiftly to guarantee your chance!

A small reminder: we value everyone's time, and we believe in a fair approach. If you book a slot and, for any reason, can't make it, kindly let us know in advance. If you miss a scheduled call without prior notice, unfortunately, you'll forfeit the right to another free call. 

But life happens, and we understand the need for rescheduling. Just shoot an email to, requesting an alternative time and date that works for you. 

We're here to accommodate and support you on this journey of rekindling love and happiness in your relationship.

Remember, until you make the decision to grow from this, nothing will improve. Wishing and waiting is never a sucessful strategy.

There are 3 ways of working with me:

Level One: Group Online Programme with support

'What's LOVE Got To Do With It?' - How to get your 'best friend' back when infidelity has rocked your marriage

The 7 Week Online Group Programme Nikki and I created will give you the exact steps to recover from all the pain, repair all the damage and rebuild your marriage on a foundation of unconditional love.

The one thing we need most in order to experience maximum joy, peace and freedom in our lives is unconditional love. And the lack of this vital ingredient is the primary cause of our individual unhappiness, all infidelity, and the many conflicts that arise in our relationships. 
There's nothing we could do that is more important than learning about and then sharing the right kind of love - unconditional love.
So the practical question is, How do I find out about unconditional love? How do I heal my own emotional pain? How do I eliminate my own emptiness, hurt, fear, mistrust and anger, and then go on to transform my relationship with love?
The truth is, you are very unlikely to be able to do this work without guidance and support and we can give you all the help you need. 
This programme is unlike anything else you will find anywhere on the planet. It will take you on a journey as both an individual and as a couple. One (or both of you together) can transform your relationship with this magical ingredient, but first you have to understand it, experience it, learn how to create it for yourself and learn how to give it.

See what so many others just like you have discovered when they entered in the programme:

Level Two: Personal Coaching For 6 Months

A number of our clients prefer a premium service with more direct one to one Zoom or telephone coaching access to Pete. These clients also receive access to the online programme. 

Please contact if this is something you might require.

Level Three: A 3-Day Personal Intervention plus Coaching For 3 Months

A smaller number of our clients prefer much greater access to Pete and request a personal 3 day intervention at a location in Warwickshire, followed by 3 months 1:1 coaching. These clients also get access to the online programme. 

Clients who prefer this option are usually celebrity or high profile couples who require the ultimate in privacy and exclusivity.

Please contact if this is something you might require.

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